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At Marketocracy, we believe that investors should show an outstanding historical performance and a verifiable, proven track record before they manage client money. To accomplish this, we vet the track records of our analysts over time. Proven abilities should be a prerequisite to handling real money.

Over the years, we found that we could not identify investment skill by simply reading resumes and conducting interviews. The best evidence of investment skill is a superior, long-term track record.

Marketocracy enables individuals to prove themselves by managing a model portfolio in real time, and we harness the power of the Internet to do so. The managers with models that beat the broad market by an average of 1,000 basis points a year for five years then apply their skills to the management of client money. In true meritocratic form, any analyst in our online trading community can achieve success given enough talent, perseverance, and persistence. We’ve found people with a passion for investing and are able to prove their talent through successful returns substantiated with five to ten year track records. These track records are compliant with Global Investment Performance Standards®, a global standardization of investment performance reporting.

Since founding Marketocracy, we have identified more than a dozen outstanding managers, and each year we add to this number. Skilled investors are truly rare, and we feel this is the best way to locate them.

Just like major league baseball teams have farm systems for their players, we have a farm system for our investors. No major league team would risk their reputation on unproven players, and neither do we. From our investor bench, we pull our starting lineup—the best of the best—named “Warren Buffetts Next Door” by Forbes’ investment editor, Matt Schifrin.

Join us online today. Prove your skills, test your theories, and track your own investment performance.

We’ve got an exceptional starting lineup. Join our team today.

Forbes Investor Team

The Warren Buffetts Next Door