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Our Marketocracy Masters
Time to get in the game.

Ted Williams studied the game more than any other player. As he analyzed hitting and pitching, he was struck by a career changing epiphany. Although baseball rules had an official strike zone and players were taught to swing at every pitch, every batter had his own sweet spot that vastly increased his odds of getting a hit. So he let the high heat go by, patiently waiting for what he called The Fat Pitch.

The analogy for investing is that truly great investment managers let the vast array of

potential opportunities go by, waiting patiently to seize those that are sqarely in their sweet spot of expertise. These are the next generation Warren Buffets we bring into the Marketocracy team. A team of long-term, proven all stars.

Like all of the professional baseball teams, Marketocracy recruits the best from an extensive farm system. Our managers must prove themselves by outperforming the S&P 500 by an average of 10% a year for at least 5 years before they can manage money for clients of Marketocracy Capital Management

LLC, a registred investment advisor.

*Our masters represent seven of the ten "Warren Buffets Next Door", identified by Forbes Magazine.

The key to Fat Pitch Investing is to let proven investors go to bat for you so they can hit it out of the park.


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