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At Marketocracy, every individual has an equal opportunity to prove his or her investment skills and to design an actual Marketocracy investment portfolio.

Whether you’re a novice, amateur, or professional investor, Marketocracy Data Services LLC (MDS) enables you to find your own investment style and create a model portfolio that highlights your areas of expertise.

Marketocracy Capital Management (MCM) draws on the best investment skill from members around the world.

Learn about the book The Warren Buffetts Next Door and how the investors praised by Forbes can work for you.

Experience mInfo sessions with Marketocracy CEO Ken Kam for exclusive insights into the commitment and knowledge that support Marketocracy, Marketocracy Data Services and Marketocracy Capital Management.

Engage through membership in MDS or by investing with MCM. Marketocracy offers a multitude of opportunities beyond MDS membership. Our analysts have the experience, the skill, and the track records that prove their ability to deliver returns. MCM investors can benefit from our analysts’ range of knowledge and the firm commitment of MCM portfolio managers to our clients’ interest at all times.

In the age of YouTube and Facebook, attending an elite business school or working at an exclusive hedge fund are no longer the only tickets for acquiring the wisdom of greats like Warren Buffett…”
Matthew Schifrin, Investing-Tap Your Inner Buffett.
Forbes, October 11, 2010


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