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About MDS
Welcome to a New Investment Environment
A Real Experience with Tools to Hone Investment Skills, Minus the Risk

Want to improve your investment skills, test your expertise, and perhaps even become a professional investor? Marketocracy Data Services provides an environment that is built on the strength of individual portfolios compiled by thousands of investors. All of these people all have their own distinct preferences, strategies, talents, and areas of expertise.  Ready to test your ability and track the results?

The value’s simulation adds is in exposing would-be money managers to the rigors of running a real mutual fund."
– Matt Schifrin, Forbes, June 16, 2008

How It Works

Investors who join MDS can access exclusive tools to build their investment skills and gauge success using virtual money while adhering to very real federal compliance rules and marketplace trading constraints. Basic membership is free.

Here’s how it works. We start each participant member with a virtual $1 million – enough buying power to make lots of trades and to put together a diversified model portfolio. In addition, we monitor each member’s compliance with S.E.C. rules for mutual fund managers so we can see how they respond when they are out of compliance.

Consequently, the performance of a Marketocracy model portfolio is an ideal indicator of how a member, functioning as an analyst, would perform as an actual investment professional — an even better measure than the performance of the member’s personal brokerage account.

Think Like a Player, Perform Like a Pro

Regardless of whether you’re an amateur or professional, you just might have the skill, talent, passion, and commitment that characterize great investors.We scout and identify members who are particularly skilled investors. After careful vetting and review of track records, MDS invites members with top-performing, outstanding portfolios to join the m100 – the Marketocracy bench.

From the bench, the best m100 members go on to join the ranks of our Marketocracy Masters, members whose model portfolios are used to guide professional investment management at Marketocracy Capital Management (MCM), an S.E.C. registered investment advisor.

Tracking Performance

This is where gathering and verifying the investment performance of thousands of analysts’ portfolios begins. Our goal is to find the very best. We continually seek skilled investors to join our team. All members will have their portfolios carefully monitored and every trade tracked for investment performance. We are looking for the best investors in the world.

Know this: Regardless of whether you’re an amateur or professional, you just might have the skill, talent, passion, and commitment that characterize great investors. Feel free to experiment until you find your own investment style.

Ready to Go?

We are looking for the best investors in the world.If you think you’re ready, join Marketocracy today to start your model portfolio and track record. A basic membership is free, and premium membership carries extra benefits.

Over the Fences

Using MDS reports and tools, Marketocracy Capital Management LLC, our S.E.C registered investment advisory, analyzes virtual funds to create and manage actual investment funds. MCM utilizes MDS members’ research to create high-performing funds with customized investment strategies for any one time and circumstance, and we hold the best answerable for their performance.

The MDS Community Forums and Blogs

  • Through MDS forums, we collect, share, and review stock-related information to help members learn from each other and increase their investing expertise.
  • Through the MDS blog, we highlight the performance of the m100 and Masters funds. There, the m100 and Marketocracy Masters explain and illustrate their strategies.

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