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If you have a passion for investing and can commit your time and talent, a membership in MDS is just what you need. You can test your skills and develop a track record that could reflect the same qualities of perseverance and persistence exhibited by our best analysts, the Marketocracy Masters, even The Warren Buffetts Next Door. Learn more about Marketocracy Data Services.

To get started managing a model portfolio, join online today. Basic membership is free and signup takes just a few minutes.  Our premium membership involves a partnership with ValueForum.  For more information see below.

The Tools

To be a successful investor, you need the right tools. Until now, such tools have only been available to investment professionals.  Marketocracy levels the playing field by offering a number of portfolio analysis tools, previously only available to the pros, in our Premium Marketocracy Toolkit.  The Toolkit includes:

  • Stratification Plus
  • Performance Attribution

What’s Involved

You’ll experience a realistic trading environment to test your investing strategies and learn what works for you.  Plus, you can compare your investing prowess to tens of thousands of other investors.

Basic Free Membership Benefits

  • Real trading environment in which to enter trades and watch them fill via Wall Street market data feeds.
  • Timely reports on your portfolio’s performance to help you evaluate and improve.
  • Full history of your trades.
  • Proper calculation of your returns over time to gauge your ability.
  • Adhere to industry portfolio management rules – the same ones that professional fund managers must follow to ensure authentic trading.
  • The ability to upgrade to Premium Tools and take advantage of the tools used by master investment professionals.

Marketocracy is offering a new premium membership service to you combining the MDS capabilities, metrics, and analysis that helped yield seven Warren Buffetts Next Door with the robust community information sharing capabilities of ValueForum – the Marketocracy ValueForum Premium Membership.  For more information about this partnership, please visit our information page.

Premium Research Member Benefits

  • Access to all basic membership benefits plus premium features on the site:
  • Access to stock-related discussions in our forums at
  • Weekly Insight, with m100 top trades & holdings [sample] daily Stock Information [eg. INTC]
  • Premium Marketocracy Toolkit

M100 Platinum Research Membership

  • Discounted Premium Research membership
  • Cash availability based on the assets in the Masters 100 Fund.
  • Invitations to special m100 retreats.
  • Site Visitor Benefits
  • Ability to enter a ticker symbol into the stock info box (eg. INTC ) at the top of the page, see actual trading activity on that stock, and find out if our best investors are buying or selling the stocks in your portfolio!
  • Opportunity to observe how well our best members do in our rankings section.
  • Ability to read profiles of our top members in our library.
  • Additional information on Marketocracy’s family of mutual funds.

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