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Marketocracy Masters
Skill. Talent. Commitment.
Introducing the Marketocracy Masters

Marketocracy Masters are members of MDS who have the investment skill, talent, and commitment proven by their track records to show outstanding returns for at least five years, even during down-market periods.

We invite you to explore their individual profiles below and learn what makes them Marketocracy Masters. Each has developed an individual investment style.

Adam Thompson
Inception Date
October 9, 2000
S&P 500
Chris Rees
Inception Date
October 12, 2000
S&P 500
Ian St. Martin
Inception Date
May 23, 2001
S&P 500
John Navin
Inception Date
May 7, 2001
S&P 500
Kevin Wilde
Inception Date
June 13, 2001
S&P 500
Tim Eriksen
Inception Date
November 27, 2001
S&P 500


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