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The Warren Buffetts Next Door
Only time reveals great investors who consistently make better investment decisions than almost everyone else.

What does it take to be a great investor? Many people can look at the same facts and reach different investment conclusions. Only time reveals great investors, those individuals who consistently make the right judgments, building on their knowledge and practice.

Marketocracy Masters
have stood the
test of time.

Forbes’ investment editor Matt Schifrin has named seven of our Marketocracy Masters the “Warren Buffetts Next Door.”  In his book, Schifrin elaborates on the real stories of these Marketocracy Masters that inspired his book writing process in the first place. Follow them on our website; subscribe to see the track records that prove their abilities.  It’s free.

Standing the Test of Time

All Marketocracy Masters have stood the test of time. Their track records with Marketocracy extend from five to ten years, showing their dedication to exceptional talent and success across all industry sectors and investment styles. Their track records speak for themselves. Take a look at just how they did on this test of time.

Chris Rees
Inception Date
October 12, 2000
S&P 500
John Navin
Inception Date
May 7, 2001
S&P 500

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