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There is no question that Apple is a great company and has been a great investment. But for those who currently own the stock or are considering buying it today, the more significant question is: Can Apple double again?

While the Fed implemented its Quantitative Easing program (QE) at full-tilt, many were surprised to see how little impact it actually had on our economy. Rather than stimulating the US economy, much of that capital was invested both in emerging market countries with higher interest rates and into gold. 

It is not often that you hear an investment insight ahead of the curve, before the market catches on. When it happens, it is easy to justify waiting for confirmation before acting. But, of course, by the time there is enough information to confirm the insight, the market has caught up and much of the opportunity is already priced in. To take advantage of such an insight, you have to have enough confidence to act before the rest of the world catches up. If you want to know what that feels like, I recommend reading Profit from the Coming Housing Shortage, by Tim Siegel, one of our Marketocracy Masters.

With the S&P 500 up almost 30% last year, many investors are trying to decide whether the market has gotten too far ahead of the real economy or if we are just at the beginning of a new bull market with a lengthy future ahead of it.

So far in our search for the next Warren Buffett we’ve looked at Justin Uyehara, a swing trader, and Kai Petainen, a quant. 

Kai Petainen, who teaches investments at the University of Michigan’s Ross Graduate School of Business and contributes to Forbes, has built a quantitative model that predicts which stocks institutional investors are going to find attractive.

Justin Uyehara has a 10 year track record with Marketocracy showing an annualized return of 30% a year. By comparison, the S&P 500 returned less than 9% a year during

The first cut narrowed our search for the next Warren Buffett down to 459 managers — 398 Marketocracy managers and 61 mutual fund managers. Each of these managers has an individual track record that is at least 5 years and each has outperformed

What motivates someone to manage a Marketocracy Fund for 5 years or more? Who are these people? By and large these are people who are responsible for their family’s investment decisions. Every family has one. 

This story appears in the August 6, 2012 edition of Forbes magazine.

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