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Marketocracy Inc. is a member of the Forbes Investor Team and serves as a regular contributor of investment articles to Forbes.

Below you'll find a sampling of articles published at Forbes over the years either from or about Marketocracy and our team of analysts.

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Marketocracy in Forbes

When To Give A Top Manager Money; When To Pull It Out, 12/01/2011, Most people would say it’s intuitive to give more money to a top performing manager. But, it wasn’t long after Morningstar crowned Bruce Berkowitz, the manager of the Fairholm Fund (FAIRX), as the equity manager of the decade that his performance started to deteriorate...

Warren Buffett Next Door Outperforms Warren Buffett, 11/30/2011, For the past 3 years, value stocks have been out of favor, but the tide is turning. Randy McDuff, one of the Marketocracy Masters profiled in the book “The Warren Buffetts Next Door“, is up 9.70% so far this year...





How would Billy Beane Manage an Investment Team?  10/21/11, I am flattered that Reuters described Marketocracy as “The Money Manager Version of Moneyball” I am a huge fan of Billy Beane, and I think his ideas about managing a baseball team are just as valid for managing an investment team...

Should you put money into this market?  10/20/11, The prospect of another market crash caused by a Greek default is keeping a lot of people on the sidelines. After the last crash wiped out...

Hold Investment Managers Accountable For Results, 9/8/11,If you are unhappy with your portfolio’s performance, it may be time to bring some accountability into your investment process...

The Oracle of Manitoba Is Buying, 9/1/11, In 2008, Forbes called Randy McDuff the Oracle of Manitoba and described his investment style as Warren Buffett meets Sir John Templeton. Randy is back sharing his views about economic correction.

Virtual vs. Real Money Stock Portfolios, 12/10/10, At my team and I have spent the last ten years tracking virtual portfolios in an effort to find the best stock pickers, regardless of educational background, career history or professional designation. 

Top Investors Use WikiLeaks As A Buying Opportunity In BAC, 12/01/10, Some of the best buying opportunities for savvy, level-headed investors occur when there is “panic in The Street.”

Buffett Next Door Advice: Give Your Portfolio A Split Personality, 11/19/10, Recommendations about market positioning from two Marketocracy top portfolio managers.

Your Pushy Wife May Be Your Ticket To Billions, 11/18/10, Wife encouraged Buffet Next Door to take control of his financial portfolio.

A Warren Buffett Next Door's Top 5 Biotech Buys, 11/12/10, A Warren Buffett Next Door's Top 5 Biotech Stock Buys.

Why a Buffett Next Door is Hoarding Cash, 11/05/10, With stocks climbing to new heights, a superstar self-directed investor is stockpiling cash.

Basel 3 Is Bullish Says Super Investor, 10/31/10, Ken Kam interviews Marketocracy Master Randy McDuff about Basel 3 and his insights about reentering the market

Don’t Spit Into The Wind, 10/26/10, Ken Kam interviews Marketocracy Master Jim Van Meerten about technology stocks

Buffett Next Door Picks, 10/14/10, Ken Kam interviews Marketocracy Master Tim Eriksen about his Top 5 Holdings and his stock picking strategy

VMware and Two Other Best Buy Stocks, 10/7/10, Ken Kam interviews rare momentum investor Jim Van Meerten about his stock picking strategy in the current choppy market

iPad’s Going to School Could Push Apple to $300, 10/4/10, Ken Kam interviews Marketocracy Master Eugene Groysman who believes that out-performance relative to the market is the truest measure of the value an advisor has added

Buffett Next Door Advice: Buy ‘Disconnects’ Like EXXI, 9/30/10, Matt Schifrin profiles Marketocracy Master Mike Koza for his ability to look for market anomalies

Tap Your Inner Buffett, 9/24/10, Matt Schifrin highlights Marketocracy Masters and “Warren Buffetts Next Door,” Mike Koza, Chris Rees, and Jack Weyland in an article discussing the premise behind his upcoming book

The World’s Greatest Investors – God Help Us!, 9/22/10, Matt Schifrin unveils upcoming book The Warren Buffetts Next Door and highlights Mike Koza as an investor designed a “Warren Buffett Next Door” in the book

Uncertainty Stocks, 7/07/10 - Ken Kam writes about mFOLIO Master, Chris Rees' top 5 positions in an article under Intelligent Investing

Parlez-Vous 11% Yield, 6/11/10 - Ken Kam writes about high-yielding Telecom stocks recommended by m100 members, Steve Harvey and aebnoether in an article under Intelligent Investing

Go Shallow For Oil Spill Stocks, 5/28/10 - Ken Kam writes about mFOLIO Master, Mike Koza's position in Energy XXI (EXXI), a driller operating in shallower water in an article under Intelligent Investing

Special Delivery From Depomed, 5/21/10 - mFOLIO Master, Jack Weyland (jackweyland) writes about why he likes Depomed (nasdaq: DEPO) in an article under Intelligent Investing

Big Stocks On Campus, 4/15/10 - by m100 member, Kai Petainen (ahknaten) - Michigan's intercollegiate stock picking contest yielded 20 stocks from tomorrow's hedge fund stars in an article under Stock Contest

Bad News Buyer, 2/8/10 - by Ken Kam - mFOLIO Master Mike Koza is featured in a Forbes Armchair Guru column in an article about finding financial treasures among the thousands of stocks that look cheap

Hitting New Highs With Steel, Oil, and Search, 1/8/10 - by Ken Kam - mFOLIO Master Timothy Siegel is featured in a Forbes Armchair Guru column in an article about 4 stock ideas from a patent attorney

Diversification Is Not Enough, 1/5/10 – Ken Kam writes about the need for protection and investing in the S&P 500 Index under the Advisor Soapbox column

10 Buys and 10 Sells for 2010, 1/5/10 - by m100 member, Kai Petainen (ahknaten) - Using academically inspired quantitative analysis, here are 10 longs and 10 shorts for 2010 in an article under Armchair Guru

Following The Smart Money, 10/28/09 - Video interview of Ken Kam by Matt Schifrin for the Forbes Video Network

A Bearish Market Outlook, 10/28/09 - Video interview of Ken Kam by Matt Schifrin for the Forbes Video Network

Saving Social Security With Stocks, 1/6/09 – Ken Kam writes about setting up a trust fund for Social Security to invest in the Advisor Soapbox column

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