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Link to commentary and articles from an ever-expanding list of writers and editors covering the industry, topics of interest, Marketocracy’s people and portfolios, and more.

George Jarkesy and Ken Kam discuss why money market investors should start looking at alternative ways to capture yield now.

Our guest today, Ken Kam, founded Marketocracy Inc. in 2000 to find the best investors in the world and hold them accountable for results. Ken’s firm offers a different way to invest…

Today's Real Story with Gregg Greenberg interviews Marketocracy founder Ken Kam in this podcasts…

Marketocracy on AOL Daily Finance – Wouldn't it be just wonderful — even miraculous — if you could discover a highly experienced investment manager with a super-turbo performance record — and who delivers bountiful gains? In these volatile times, that would be a godsend.

Marketocracy in the New York Times— a look at how and why it's important that people take responsibility for managing their wealth and how Marketocracy puts this theory into practice.

In a cover article about Marketocracy in this week's Investment News, the Leading News Source for Financial Advisers, Ken Kam is featured and mFOLIO Masters Randolph McDuff (rmcduff) and Timothy Siegel (timbo56) are quoted in an article entitled, ("Virtual portfolio boasts solid returns, multiple stars from Morningstar," by Jeff Benjamin)  

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