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Why We Are Different
The Marketocracy Difference
Delivering Outstanding Investment Performance

Founded in 2000 by Ken Kam, Marketocracy Inc. is a meritocracy.  Here, resumes mean less than solid track records.

For Marketocracy members, investing is a passion – but one proven by returns.Our global search for people who can deliver outstanding investment performance began a decade ago. Since that time, we have assembled the finest and largest group of investors with proven long-term track records anywhere in the world. Member investors have opportunities to develop model portfolios at Marketocracy Data Services LLC (MDS), building track records that span five to ten years.

Marketocracy Capital Management LLC (MCM) connects MDS data with real investors via mutual funds, separately managed accounts, and hedge funds. MCM’s blended, customized investment portfolios take advantage of specific investment styles based on the strength of the Marketocracy Masters and the depth of MDS data.

The test of time reveals investment skill.Out of more than 100,000 members, we scout and identify the most highly skilled and contract with MDS to engage them, forming a farm team of over 500 m100 members. This contract with the best members forms our Marketocracy m100 team, a bench of the finest analysts. From the m100 bench, we select the best of the best to manage actual client funds through Marketocracy Capital Management (MCM). Analysts who don’t perform are replaced from the m100 bench.

As well, after further vetting and meeting performance benchmarks for an additional two years, we take the most qualified m100 members and make their model portfolios available to clients of Marketocracy Capital Management’s separately managed account program.

The Marketocracy difference? Marketocracy analysts are continually held accountable for performance and returns.


See for yourself. The most recent example of such success is chronicled in the book The Warren Buffetts Next Door. Or learn about our products like the m100 mutual fund."


Important Disclosure

Affiliate Marketocracy Capital Management LLC, an S.E.C. registered investment advisor, manages mutual funds, hedge funds and separately managed accounts. Before relying on any opinions expressed here, always assume that Marketocracy, its affiliates and clients have material financial interests in these stocks and hold or trade them contrary to those opinions.

Continue reading for more detailed information about us and for important disclosures, disclaimers, limitations and material conflicts of interest.


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