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My mission is to run an investment firm where managers are selected for their skill not their pedigree. -Ken Kam

Inside every family and social circle there is one person everyone goes to with questions about investments, and you probably are (or should be!) that person.

But, lets face it, being an unofficial advisor is a thankless job. If you talk about a stock that doesn't do well, you can bet that those who bought it will not let you forget it even if your other stock picks did well. People have a long memory for your losers and often forget to give you credit for your winners.

To do a great job for your friends and family they need an easy way to buy all of the stocks in your model portfolio instead of just cherry picking your ideas and then relying on you to tell them when to sell.

When you start your SMA account, we will set up a page at for you where your friends and family can see your track record and make it easy for them to follow all of your recommendations by investing alongside you. Click here to see an example.

We have the data to present your model, your track record, and your GIPSĀ® composite in their best light. But, it will be up to you to describe your investment strategy, provide commentary as often as you see fit, and to tell everyone who is already following you informally through your various social circles (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.). As a reminder, to make it easier for your friends and family to help you get started, MCM will reduce the minimum account size for them to $20,000.