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My mission is to run an investment firm where managers are selected for their skill not their pedigree. -Ken Kam

Learning To Invest

When learning to invest, about the biggest mistake you can make is to jump right in with your real money before you know what you are doing. It’s hard to learn to invest this way because each mistake can cost you big losses and the truth is no one becomes a great investor without making lots of mistakes. The best way to learn about investing is to develop your skills where your mistakes won’t cost you an arm and a leg -- in a virtual portfolio -- until you have developed a track record that justifies investing real money.

A Marketocracy virtual mutual fund starts out with $1,000,000 and 100,000 shares outstanding so each fund starts out with a net asset value (NAV) of $10. We set things up this way so you have enough buying power to manage a diversified portfolio making enough trading decisions to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and learn from your mistakes.

You manage your virtual fund by entering orders to buy and sell stocks the same as you would with any web-based broker. The orders you enter are held for 20 minutes to allow the market datafeed to catch up to the timestamp on your order. After that, your order is "filled" if sufficient volume comes across the datafeed to have filled your order in the real world. Each completed trade is assessed a virtual commission of 5 cents per share.

Each night, our servers will update the NAV of your fund so that you can calculate the returns on your virutal fund the same way mutual funds do -- accurately.

When your virtual fund's track record reaches 1 year, it will be eligible to be ranked against other members' virtual funds, market benchmarks, and U.S. equity mutual fund managers.

Membership Options

Basic: Free (Paid Add-on options available). Our Free membership level enables you build up to a 1 year track record for 1 fund. The Basic membership is designed for students and those who are not sure if investing is for them. At 1 year, your fund’s track record is reset so you can start again with a fresh track record.

Add-on options are available to extend the track record of your single fund beyond 1 year for $5.00/Month and add additional funds for $5.00/Month each.

Plus: $19.99 per month, or $199 if paid annually. Plus members are able to maintain up to 10 track records so you can experiment with 10 different investing strategies to improve the odds that you’ll find an investment style that works for you. Plus members also have a dedicated page at MyTrackRecord.com so your friends and family can see your skill.

Pro: $39.99 per month or $399 if paid annually. Provides you up to 25 model portfolio track records so you can try out a variety of strategies to improve the odds of developing at least 1 track record that will validate your investment skill. You also get a dedicated page at mytrackrecord.com.

How Many Funds Do You Need?

If you are not sure if investing is your passion, managing 1 fund for 1 year should be enough to let you know.

However, if you want to learn your strengths and weaknesses, you will want to try out a variety of strategies. Before you decide how many funds you want to manage, please go on to Step 2.

For each strategy you want to try, consider setting up 1 fund to act as a passive custom benchmark.